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This what I have been waiting for in brain tuner. HIGHSCORES! And I just set an amazing one today of 6.0097!

Solid App

Good, solid app. Worth the $0.99 to support the developer. Global high scores is a nice addition. I agree that the high scores should be available from the menu.

Great app - clean and sweet

Well worth supporting the developer. Cant wait to see whats next!

Improve ability to change a wrong answer

If you inadvertently hit the strong answer it is possible to slide to the correct answer(before answer is revealed) but it takes about three seconds and represents a penalty of sorts.. If the developers could allow for an option that allows for quicker change of answer the app would be even better than it already is.


Great game, well worth the 99 cents. I have improved in just a few days!

Great way to wake up in the morning

This is the first app that I bought, since the demo was terrific. I use this program every morning to get my brain working.


Great while I take a dump in the morning!

Amazing, addictive and bettering!

The best game Ive ever played-- it actually makes me sharper while having a blast. Perfect for metro rides, waiting rooms, or just lying in bed!

Pretty addicting

Read the subject. I keep thinking I can beat my own record. The thing I am wondering is how can somebody finish 20 questions in the six second range. Theres got to be a cheat.

Incredible Game

This game is amazing. Such a simple idea but easily the most used app on my phone. I feel like this gmae knocks the cobwebbs off my brain. Highly recommended.


This is app is extremely fun yet educational and helps keep your brain refreshed. Keep up the GREAT work developers.


This is a simple but great app. I use it to give my brain a mini workout in the morning. Keep up the good work! And for you people who gave negative comments about this version not having much more than the free version, youre paying to help support the developer not just for extra features! Just because hes nice enough to give away a free version doesnt mean he should get dinged because hes asking for support with this version. Stick to the free one if $1 is too rich for your blood, but come on, really, is a buck too much to ask?? Its only by paying for apps that you truly encourage the developers to keep coming out with great products!

One exercise only!

Lame. Needs more variety.

Borderline great

If high scores were available from the menu, this would be a great game. As of now its just really good. Im sure that high scores will be easier to access in later versions which is why I gave this app/game a 5.


Way better than the free version, and worth the price.

I wish I could give 0 stars

Solve simple math problems quickly. Fun at first but gets real old real quick. Im sorry I bought it. I uninstalled it about 2 hours later.

Submit score - do not work everytime

I like this app, but i give to them 1 score because the didnt resolve problem, when i submit my score i do not see that in list all the time. I send e-mail and they sad we working on that problem. And now same problem. I wait 3 weeks for resolve this problem. But nothing!!!


I really love the free version, so I threw down $.99 for this to discover that the free one has several more features. I am upset and hope for either an update making it at least as good or my $.99 back.

waste of money

not worth it

Great Application

If you enjoy arithmatic problems this application is great. Its well thought out and works as advertised. Ive found no problems with it.

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