Brain Tuner Pro App Bewertungen

Tolle Applikation für zwischendurch

Gut geeignet um mal eben das Gehirn zu trainieren. Neben den üblichen Rechenaufgaben wäre ein weiterer Programmbestandteil mit weiteren Aufgaben aus anderen naturwissenschaftlichen Bereichen wünschenswert (so eine Art IQ-Test). Daher 4 Sterne - wenn das Programm durch Updates noch an Umfang gewinnt ist der 5te Stern durchaus drin.

Fuer zwischendurch

Gut geeignet, um in Blitzesschnelle per Ueberschlag oder Endziffer die Zappibox zu trainieren. 1Pkt Abzug, weil kein Graph des Verlaufes. Fuer zwischendurch zu empfehlen

Schwierigkeitsgrade unterscheiden sich kaum

Nettes Spiel zum Gehirntraining, jedoch unterscheiden sich die drei verfügbaren Schwierigkeitsgrade nicht erkennbar voneinander. Immerhin kann man wahlweise auch Divisionsaufgaben (zusätzlich zu Addition, Subtraktion und Multiplikation) einstellen. Empfehlen kann ich daher fast genauso gut die kostenlose Version, BrainTuner light.

Nicht auf das iPad mit Retina angepasst

Die Grafik ist nicht gut man erkennt klar die Unschärfe auf dem Retina Display. So macht das kein Spaß.

Brain Tuner


Please update.

Obsolete without update.

App crashes

App keeps crashing from time to time. The worst thing is when it happens during the game, so that the result is being lost :( please fix

Won't open!!

Purchased the app but when I try to open, nothing happens...just a blank screen with "Brain Tuner" at the top and music playing in the background. Needs to be fixed!!!!!

Very funny

I like it a lot

Doesn't open

Paid money for this application, but after opening the application it doesn't do anything! All there is is music! You can't do anything with this application. Please… Fix this immediately. It has been over 2 to 3 months.

The app is not working...

It's stuck on the opening page. It's fun to play when it's working, but it's not right now. Is it no longer supported?

App does not start

It just opens and freezes.

Doesn't do anything

After the app launch it doesn't allow you to do anything. Can't start a new level or anything. Might want to do more testing before releasing.


Thanks for making an amazing game. Helpful to master basic math problems. A great tool to practice for all ages.


App constantly crashes every two or so games. Needs to be fixed. Good but unplayable because it is not reliable.

Addictive but buggy

I'm having a lot of fun with the game in general but it seems to keep crashing whenever I'm having a really good game.

Always thinking!

Get the right answer, of course, but get that answer as fast as you can. Good app for a short break during the day.

Won't even start

I'm very displeased, an update would be useful because I really want to try this app

Fast fun

Fun, quick brain break.

Cool app

I definitely feel like this app is making my mind a little sharper


Great for keeping my brain active during a break.

Brain Tuner2

Great brain boot-camp!!!

Awesome App!

My best in level one is 5.815 seconds with reading and answering every question. It can be done. I have gotten higher by clicking thru last 5 or 6 but train that brain !

Brain Tuner



Great to use for refresher. Just to keep the noggin workin!

So Disappointing

The simplicity of the old version was what I liked about this app. Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed access to it without purchasing this one first as an "update". It might be good for small kids learning their basic computational skills but for an adult it really took the fun out of it. Very disappointing.


Updates prevent one from taking short-cuts - must be perfect

Fun and challenging.

Not sure if I'm getting any smarter though.

Simple, Fun, and Addictive

Fun way to pass the time.

Good (-annoyances)

This game was redesigned recently and appears to be geared toward 12 year olds. A lot of razzle-dazzle, and some nonsense about tokens at the game center. I really like the core of it, simple timed math quizzes. Especially when switching between operations so quickly it is tricky and fun.

V 2.0 NOT Recommended!!!

Very, very disappointing update. :-( Earlier versions were a lot of fun. I am deleting this app!!!! :-(

Great math app

Latest update made it even better than the original one.

I'm with most on this - the app you did not know you needed

Hate to admit it, but a few weeks ago I found my 55 year old brain struggling with multiplication. I had clearly lost what little edge I might have had. I've been working with Brain Tuner and while I can't provide scientific data that it's improving my mind, It forces me to intensify my focus, which can not be a bad things. I'm still on the slowest speed but will drop by again after I've used for over a month. I like the score and feedback that comes up after each session.

Very good


Great brain tuner!!!!!

I can train my brain everyday!!!!!!


Hahaha there's only two players over my best time, freaking awesome!!'

Fun Game!

Fun and addicting game - definitely helped my math skills!

Great Application

If you enjoy arithmatic problems this application is great. It's well thought out and works as advertised. I've found no problems with it.

waste of money

not worth it

Submit score - do not work everytime

I like this app, but i give to them 1 score because the didnt resolve problem, when i submit my score i do not see that in list all the time. I send e-mail and they sad we working on that problem. And now same problem. I wait 3 weeks for resolve this problem. But nothing!!!

I wish I could give 0 stars

Solve simple math problems quickly. Fun at first but gets real old real quick. I'm sorry I bought it. I uninstalled it about 2 hours later.


Way better than the free version, and worth the price.

Borderline great

If high scores were available from the menu, this would be a great game. As of now it's just really good. I'm sure that high scores will be easier to access in later versions which is why I gave this app/game a 5.

One exercise only!

Lame. Needs more variety.


This is a simple but great app. I use it to give my brain a mini workout in the morning. Keep up the good work! And for you people who gave negative comments about this version not having much more than the free version, you're paying to help support the developer not just for extra features! Just because he's nice enough to give away a free version doesn't mean he should get dinged because he's asking for support with this version. Stick to the free one if $1 is too rich for your blood, but come on, really, is a buck too much to ask?? It's only by paying for apps that you truly encourage the developers to keep coming out with great products!


This is app is extremely fun yet educational and helps keep your brain refreshed. Keep up the GREAT work developers.

Incredible Game

This game is amazing. Such a simple idea but easily the most used app on my phone. I feel like this gmae knocks the cobwebbs off my brain. Highly recommended.

Pretty addicting

Read the subject. I keep thinking I can beat my own record. The thing I am wondering is how can somebody finish 20 questions in the six second range. There's got to be a cheat.

Amazing, addictive and bettering!

The best game I've ever played-- it actually makes me sharper while having a blast. Perfect for metro rides, waiting rooms, or just lying in bed!


Great while I take a dump in the morning!

Great way to wake up in the morning

This is the first app that I bought, since the demo was terrific. I use this program every morning to get my brain working.


Great game, well worth the 99 cents. I have improved in just a few days!


I really love the free version, so I threw down $.99 for this to discover that the free one has several more features. I am upset and hope for either an update making it at least as good or my $.99 back.

Improve ability to change a wrong answer

If you inadvertently hit the strong answer it is possible to slide to the correct answer(before answer is revealed) but it takes about three seconds and represents a penalty of sorts.. If the developers could allow for an option that allows for quicker change of answer the app would be even better than it already is.

Great app - clean and sweet

Well worth supporting the developer. Can't wait to see what's next!

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